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Avoid Christmas Clutter and Chaos

Patty Munn

Source: via Smart Organizing on Pinterest

Five Tips to Staying Organized During the Holidays

Ready or not, the holiday season is here! In order to enjoy this special time of the year better, I recommend following the organizing tips below. Don't let a busy December create chaos and prevent you from experiencing the meaning of the season.

1) Start Early

Donʼt wait to the last minute to get gift ideas and make purchases. In the last days leading up to Christmas, do you want to be sitting by the fire enjoying the tree or heading out to a crowded Sears to find Uncle Tom his requested wrench set?

2) Make a list(s)

Create lists of what you need to accomplish on a weekly or even daily basis. I prefer separate lists for all those important holiday items: errands, gifts to be purchased/ wrapped, Christmas cards, and holiday grocery. A detailed calendar is also a must for parties and school functions.

3) Store Gifts in One Place

 We have all misplaced that one gift and realize it as we are loading the car already late to the party where it is to be given. By keeping all gifts in one location, like a bedroom or basement closet, you avoid the missing gift as well as repeat purchases (e.g. 2 striped ties for Dad).

4) Create a Wrapping Station

 Where are the scissors? Are we out of tape? I canʼt find the name tags. Dedicate one area of your home to wrap all gifts and maintain all supplies in that same place. Make this activity fun by involving the kids as your special helpers.

5) Receipts in One Envelope

 I recommend keeping all gift receipts in one place. I use a clear zip envelope available at any office supply store. You will want to label the envelope “Christmas 2012”. This tip will help eliminate the hassles of returns and exchanges.

The holiday season is a busy time. It is my hope that these simple tips can eliminate some of the stress and allow you to enjoy the festive times.