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Taming the paper monster!

Paper ClutterPatty Munn

Of all the organizing questions I get, how to handle the seemingly never ending piles of paper is the MOST common!

Too often mail becomes a source of stress. Piles and piles of mail line table tops, counters, and nearly any horizontal space in the house. In sorting through the piles with my clients, I have found everything from birth certificates to checks for thousands of dollars that expired years ago. When mail isn't dealt with on a regular basis, important things get lost in the clutter.

Here are  4 simple strategies to take back control-

1. Decide right away!

When any kind of paper comes through the door, make an immediate decision about it.

Do not keep unnecessary receipts, invites or junk mail.  Immediately transfer all important information to an agenda or phone!

2. Sort Immediately!

Sort through mail over a trash can, recycling bin & shredder.  Whatever can go in there directly without being open - Should!

3. File the pile!

All other papers should be filed into one of three categories

  • To Pay
  • To Do
  • To File

4. Keep it SIMPLE!

When creating an organizing system ....make sure that its easy to follow!  Complicated systems make it difficult to maintain and in time, we're back to trying to tame the paper monster!