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HolidayPatty Munn

Source: via Smart Organizing on Pinterest

As I walked the crowded mall this week, 70’s diva Donna Summer sang in my head: “More, More, More…” Do you ever feel that tis the season becomes tis the time to buy, gather, acquire? And with the New Year, you are faced with what am I going to do with all this stuff.

We spend too much, enjoy too little, and end up paying for it over the next six months. The holidays shouldn’t be about getting or having, but instead about doing and being. This year, give gifts that won’t add clutter to the lives of loved-ones nor bury you in debt.

Consider these ideas for clutter free gift giving: Give something really useful that you know an individual wants even if it’s boring to you. Try a consumable-a special wine, a gourmet olive oil, or homemade dessert. Better yet, give to a favorite charity in honor of that person who already has plenty.

Give experiences instead of things: tickets to a concert, ballet, or sporting event. Or if your budget allows: a destination adventure to mark off your bucket list or a romantic getaway to a near-by spa.

Give something only you can give. Online stores like shuttefly are great resources for gift giving- create a calendar for relatives with family photos. Solicit family recipes and compile a cookbook complete with sentimental photos. Give gift certificates: favorite eatery, specialty store, massage, pedicures or help get someone organized....A SmartOrganizingSolutions gift card!

Remember- sensible gift giving means less clutter for the recipient and more enjoyment for you. As Donna also sang, “you work hard for the money” so make gifting count.

Happy Holidays!