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Frequently Asked Questions

We have found that after the initial consultation, you will be at ease and comfortable making your decision to move forward to the first session on the road to getting organized. 

What does a Professional organizer do?

It is quite common for individuals to struggle in cluttered, chaotic environments caused by a lack of organization whether it be in the home or workplace.  A professional organizer works with clients in an effort to organize areas of life by coaching, training, and working along side to:

  • purge no longer needed personal items
  • clear clutter
  • create organizing systems
  • design functional environments

What should I look for in hiring the right PO for me?

There are all kinds of PO to choose from. The right PO for you is the one that you are comfortable working with on important issues about your home that will impact your family.  Trust is a critical element here.  We highly recommend that you check references. Any reputable organizer will readily provide prior client contact information to verify the nature of their work. 

You will also want to familiarize yourself with the prospective organizers' education, training and background to insure the right fit. Ask lots of question.  Is the organizer a member of NAPO ( National Association of Professional Organizers).  How long has the person been a PO? What type of jobs has the organizer previously done?

My house is a wreck and I'm embarrassed for someone to come over and see it that way - Should I clean up before our appointment?

NO!  Absolutely not!  First of all- Many of our clients fear that their house if the "worst" - We PROMISE you it is not. Secondly, It is best for us to see your space in its natural state so that we may get a true sense of the issues and how best to help you. We see all types of clutter and chaos everyday and it never overwhelms us. In fact, we have yet to encounter a situation that we can't handle.

I am a very private person and prefer personal issues about my home not be discussed with others.  Is this possible when using a PO?

Yes, most definitely.  As your PO, our work and all issues pertaining to your home are highly confidential.  Your privacy is protected as we will not discuss our work with third -parties.

How do I get started using a PO?

An initial consultation is simply a phone call away. At this meeting, you will get to know us and understand how we work. At the same time, we ask a lot of questions to understand your struggles that you may be experiencing from a less than organized home. 

We will tour your home and offer suggestions and ideas.  The initial meeting usually lasts 1- 3 hours and includes

  • establishing a budget
  • scheduling the first work session
  • addressing the scope of project
  • answering your questions

How much can I expect to spend using a PO?

We work on an hourly rate which is based on the nature of the work being performed.  The number of hours for each project varies.  At the outset, we understand your financial concerns and will work within your organizing budget. We also offer organizing packages that we can tailor to fit your needs and budget. Call us to discuss rates and a custom package for you.

How long does it take to get organized?

This really depends on many factors and can vary greatly. At the initial consultation , we will determine your goals, establish the scope of the project, and estimate the length of the project.  We have found variables that will influence the amount of time that it takes to complete a project such as the size of the home, amount of clutter, and how quickly the client is able to make organizing decisions that we recommend.